A near death experience

Let's just get to the point here and say that I was in no harm physically but that I almost died emotionally last night after my camera fell into the ocean after a wave hit. The past few weeks have been pretty cloudy here in San Diego and every few nights of the week the sun would set and make some amazing colors over the Pacific. When I get out of work the sun is just starting to set so I finally remembered to bring my camera to work yesterday and headed to Sunset Cliffs on my way home from work.
I got there a little late because of traffic and only was able to shoot for about 10 minutes. I know the area well so I knew exactly where to set up. Everything seemed to be going as planned and the colors in the sky were great, then out of no the water rushed in and tipped over my tripod. I was in a rush and knew my tripod was not as stable as it should be but I wanted to take as many shots as I could.

...and here is the picture that was taken as the camera fell

As the title of this post says, it was a NEAR death experience and the camera still works! My lens is a little tight from the sand but that should work itself out after a few uses. I guess that new body will have to wait for another day...