I went to my first Padres game tonight. I almost felt sad for the players since there was only a handful for people at the game to cheer them on. It reminded me of one of the reasons why I love Philly so much and it might be the one thing I miss most. That's the passion every person has for the sports team there. No one here bleeds team colors like eagles/phillies/flyers/sixers fans do and wouldn't be able to give stats from meaningless games that happen 20 years ago. Maybe I'm just talking to the wrong people and haven't found those die-hard fans yet. Maybe they are harder to find than in Philly. I guess that is because most people in San Diego are like me and moved here from somewhere else so there is no connection to the teams here. I will be going to more Padres games since I love baseball but I just wish there was more excitement in the stands.

The photos below are from the '08 Championship Parade... I will never forget this day!