Road trip, part 1

As many might already know, I moved back to Philadelphia! Me and Laura decided that now was the best time to do so. We really loved San Diego but are very excited for what's in store for us in the near future. Laura returned back to Philly on September 26th for work, while I waited until the end of the month to get our apt situated and packed. I was planning on driving alone across the country until a great friend of mine made the smart decision to fly out to San Diego and drive back to Philly with me! 
We mapped out our route to take just eight days; Stopping at places in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, and finishing up in Pennsylvania. 
The first day, Saturday, was very stressful for me. Waking up with furniture still in my place and misc items scattered around the apartment, I just don't know how all of it, besides the furniture, fit into my car. Once the car was packed like a puzzle we drove ten hours up to Glen Canyon which sits right on beautiful Lake Powell at the Utah-Arizona Border. 
We woke up early Sunday morning with a nice sunrise over Lake Powell. I woke up knowing we were in for a good day. The day was jam-packed though and with a lot of places that I could finally cross off my photo bucket list. To say I was excited in a big understatement.
We started out by heading over to a nearby beach where a recent episode of Dr. Who was filmed. This is where I almost got my car stuck in the sand dune roads. Fortunately I picked up new tires before the trip so with a little stick play, I was able to get my car out! 
When then set forth to Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, and ending our day up in Canyonlands National Park.
All the photos below were taken on this day. Just one day!
There's a lot of photos from Antelope Canyon because I couldn't pick just one or two to share.
I'll have another post up early next week that includes the rest of our trip.

That last photo is from our campsite just outside of Canyonlands on Sunday night. Not too shabby...
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