a little fun

Over the past few days I've been keeping myself busy by playing around with Squarespace. Squarespace is my new website host so far has been working great and it's also fairly simple to use. Tonight I made my banner and little logo guy. That's me jumping at one of the places I have visited. I like to take a jumping photo once I reach a certain peak or location on a trip. I'm pretty sure I took this logo from a photo in Death Valley. It's just a thing I do...
I'm looking through my catalog of images to find a good shot someone took of me with my camera on a tripod. I know I have to have at least one somewhere on my hard-drive. If not then I will just get Laura to take one of me next time we go out.
The photo's below are from Balboa park, outside the botanical garden. Every time I visit Balboa park I always find something new to photograph. Balboa park is also a very popular place for photographers to take clients for portraits because of the historic architecture and other picturesque surroundings. If you are ever visiting San Diego make sure to check the park out. 
I also posted these two photos as a test for my watermark/logo on the photos. I think the logo turned out pretty well, but I'm sure I will change it fifty more times. The more I look at it the more I think I'm roller-blading... 
On the subject of roller-blading, Airborne just became available on Netflix Instant Streaming. Getting stoked to roll down Devil's Backbone!