Team Building

I started a new position at work in April. The past three months in the job have been a blast! The team I work with is just amazing and last week we decided to have a little team building trip... at Disneyland! My friend and co-worker Christin has a very nice sister who just so happens to work at Disneyland. She hooked us up with passes to the park and for half the day we had a tour guide on every ride! This adds a whole new level to the Disneyland experience. 
The day started with a character breakfast at 8am and after our fill of Mickey waffles and pictures with Captain Hook, we hit the rides... for 16 hours! Next thing I knew it was after 11pm walking out from World of Color, which is just a "magical" experience in itself, and we still needed to go shopping. We didn't check-in to the hotel until 1am to grab a little sleep before we woke up at 7am for a meeting nearby the next morning.
Here are a few pictures from the day. I haven't had much time to go through all the photos yet but I am hoping to post some more after the weekend.The second picture is from the vip train cabin named the "Lilly Belle." There's a nice story behind this train cabin but I just don't have time to write it all out... I'm off to Catalina for four days!