Dog surfing

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Dog surfing! For the past few years San Diego has hosted an annual dog surfing competition in Imperial Beach. As soon as I found out about it I knew I had to go check it out. I got a chance to see the highly anticipated event this past weekend! This city is so huge on dogs it's almost not funny. 
Every little town that makes San Diego has at least one dog park. No matter what store or bar you go to in this city there is more than likely a dog sitting outside waiting for it's owner. Perfect example is a bar near my house. It doesn't matter what time I ride by, there is always a few dogs hanging out by the front door. A few weeks back I counted over 10 dogs there! 
So back to the surfing... there was a huge turnout and of course everyone that went brought their dogs with them except us. We live in what seems to be the only complex in San Diego that does not allow pets. Laura and I felt almost like perverts standing out there taking pictures of every dog that walked by.
Here are a few photos to show the craziness that is dogs surfing. I used my dreaded 75-300 lens for the surfing photos. I really can't stand shooting with it. I have the len tucked away in my closest until I really need to use it once every few years, and even then I feel bad for my camera body everytime I attach it. The lens is just a p.o.s. 
Of course our favorite dog there was the ugliest looking bulldog.