La Jolla..... Again!

As you can tell from all my posts, I love La Jolla. I was just telling a good friend of mine how La Jolla is such an extraordinary little place. In this small stretch of coastline, it's maybe a mile, you have caves, cliffs, coral, sandy beaches, alien-like rocks, and so much wildlife that it's truly astonishing how so much can fit into this tiny area!
La Jolla is also home to the nations highest home prices for the past three years, averaging just over $2 million. Another interesting fact about La Jolla is that from 1920 into the 1970's you were only allowed to purchase property if you were of "pure" European descent... not including Jews. That changed though when UCSD was built and residents thought that "you can't have a university without Jewish professors." The antisemitism has of course disappeared and there's a thriving Jewish community in La Jolla now. Thank you Wikipedia for that one.
Here's a few more photos from this past Sunday. 
I have five friends visiting this week so it's more than likely that I won't have a post up until next week. Comic-con is this week! Let's say that my next post will probably include a fair share of cosplay.
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