The first thing people ask Laura and I when we tell them we used to live in San Diego is, "Why would you move back to Philly!" We love San Diego and miss living there everyday, but with both our families growing without us around, we knew it was time to come back. To us, being around family was more important than the gorgeous weather, pristine beaches, dog surfing, Yosemite, fish tacos.... ok maybe not more than fish tacos. You get the point.
Right after we moved to San Diego, my mom met a guy named Tom. I would randomly talk with him through Skype but never really got a chance to get to know him until two years later, when I moved back to Philadelphia. All I really knew was that he posted an unbelievable amount of stuff on Facebook and made my Mom extremely happy. 
After moving back in October and seeing them together, I just knew that one day they'd get married. So I wasn't surprised a few months later when she told me they were going to Vegas in March and getting hitched! They did the whole Vegas wedding thing to the max... Elvis and all! I couldn't be happier to have a great guy like Tom join our family. He is one hell of a guy.
I recently took them over to Tyler Park and spent a few hours walking around, taking their photos. Enjoy!