La Jolla Cove

I went out today and finally tested my new filters! I noticed on my bike ride along the beach today that there were some clouds rolling in, just in time for sunset, and that's exactly what I was hoping for. I went home, grabbed my gear, and headed over to my favorite place in San Diego; La Jolla Cove. By the time the sun set the clouds were almost non-existent, but I was still pleased with the end result.
After spending a few hours with the filters, my only regret is not purchasing them FOUR YEARS AGO when I first started drooling over what these filters could do for me. 
Hawaii is less than two weeks away and I'm not sure what I'm more excited about now. It was snorkeling everyday but I think using my filters as much as possible has now topped it. Oh, of course being on vacation with Laura is number one... what was I thinking...
I took so many keepers today that I had trouble deciding what pictures to post. That's why there are four photos below that basically look the same... I just couldn't decide! I'm sure I'll be posting more of what looks like the same pictures over the next week, but I promise that they are all different in some way.
I also finally decided to post my site on Twitter and Facebook, so to everyone viewing this for the first time... I apologize in advance for the bad writing and grammar. I'm sure (hoping) my writing will get better as I continue posting new entries. It's definitely not my strongest quality but hopefully the pictures I post make up for that. 

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