Below is a photo of what arrived at my doorstep today! Yes that is Lee's graduated neutral density soft filter set. I've had my eye on these for a few years now and FINALLY clicked 'submit order' instead of continuously adding them to my cart then putting them back into my wishlist. They got here just in time for my trip to Hawaii! I still don't have the foundation kit and adapter to attach to my camera, since those are still backordered, but I'll be happy to hold the filters until those come... let's just hope I don't drop 'em 

I'm patient with LEE as a company because looking at their history and also the way they make their filters, it's obvious that most of their products are made-to-order. Here's a little YouTube clip to give you some more info on how these filters are actually made... by hand! How it's made

I head to Hawaii on the 26th, for 8 days, with Laura so you should see a barrage of tropical landscape photos following the trip.