A Grey Weekend

This past weekend's weather was pretty bland here in San Diego. Between the on & off showers and high winds, I was hoping for a small break in the weather, to get some good light at sunset, but unfortunately that did not happen. 
Here's a video of the wind I was dealing with while trying to take my pictures...
and here's a picture of my umbrella losing a battle to mother nature...
After braving the wind and rain, I wasn't pleased at all with how the photos were turning out. I came home and after looking through them all, I decided to just choose a handful and turn them b&w. I'm not too happy about the outcome but I guess I can't have perfect sunsets everyday.
I told myself that I will post a few photosfrom everytime I go out and I'm sticking to that, so below are a few not so glamorous photos that hopefully portray the kind of weather we had here this weekend.
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