So on Sunday I went to Scripps Pier to take a specific shot I've been eyeing to do with my new gnd filters. The photo I took didn't turn out the way I thought they would and I'm not sure if that had to do with the tide level, the bad sunset, or just my horrible exposure settings I had. I was looking for an hdr type of effect but without the hdr processing. Fortunately I live very close to the beach so I can come back here whenever I like... lucky me.

On a side note... I cannot wait until daylight savings time, on March 13th, to start taking photos again after work, and not just wait until the weekend.

That hdr plan I talked about didn't work out but what I did shoot, in my opinion, did turn into some pretty nice photos. Below is one of those shots processed into a b&w to go with my "grey weekend" theme. I'll be posting more pictures from this weekend throughout the week.

Also on Saturday I fly to Hawaii for... EIGHT DAYS! I'm can't wait to overload this site with photos from this trip. A special advance thanks to my brother Josh for shipping me out his underwater p&s for some hopefully sweet snorkeling shots.

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