Nicole & Damian

Nicole & Damian have been together for almost a year now and when you meet them you can just tell they cherish every moment together.... JUST KIDDING! They are JUST friends.... I swear!

Nicole and Damian are great friends of mine and were kind enough to spend this past Saturday afternoon with me at Balboa Park taking portraits together. We had a blast! Knowing our friendships, full of the constant laughs and good times whenever we are together (I guess most friendships are like that...), I knew these photos would turn out great even before we started. A big thanks again to them for being great subjects to capture while walking around Balboa Park.

If you live in San Diego you know how beautiful Balboa Park is. Besides Children's Pool, in La Jolla, Balboa Park is my favorite place to walk around and spend my day at in San Diego. From the architecture, to the zoo, and even the dog park, there is always something going on. Unfortunately on Saturday the St. Patty's Day festival was happening there and the park was packed! I tried to not have many people in the background but most of the time it was unavoidable. 

This photo post is pretty big and I hope you all enjoy the photos. I really truly love all the photos I posted. During editing I did notice a lot of people in the background, some shadows in places where they shouldn't be, and small details like hair & hand placement. Also, a big thanks to my wonderful assistant, Laura, for doing a great job and noticing a lot of minor details while I was shooting... couldn't have done it without her! I love her so much! I'll have Nicole & D's solo shots up sometime this week. Again I'm always up to hearing any critiques and comments you may have about any of the pictures in the comment section. 

I put up that last picture of Damian pointing just for him...