stormy weather

The last two days on Oahu were pretty cloudy, with showers on and off throughout the day. This made for some rough water (great!) but pretty grey skies during the day (not great...) That didn't stop me from trying/hoping for some solid sunsets and "seascape" photos. All the photos below were taken at Turtle Bay Resort which I can't recommend enough!

Some of you might remember Turtle Bay Resort from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and if you watch Cougar Town they were filming an episode at the resort while we were there. There was also a couple of scenes from the show LOST filmed here! Turtle Bay was great and a perfect way to end our vacation... it also doesn't hurt that we were also upgraded to a beach cottage! 

-added another photo from the luau because I just couldn't leave it off the site. I had a tough time when posting the first one trying to decide which one of the two I should actually post. Which one do you like better?

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