Yes I am in Hawaii right now, at this beautiful resort called Turtle Bay, but here I am posting photos of Yosemite... Why? Well mainly because I edited these on the plane ride over here. Also because I haven't really had a chance to go through all the photos I've taken so far. I'll try and post some Hawaii shots before Saturday but I can't really promise anything since our days are pretty packed with plans, but some possible rain in the forecast might change those plans. I'm also posting a few pics from my trip to Yosemite last August, because last week I was surprisingly able to reserve a campsite for four nights at the end of April in the park.

If you don't know, reserving a campsite at Yosemite is harder than trying to get concert tickets, sports tickets, or any other type of event ticket. Every campsite in Yosemite goes on sale the 15th of every month, six months in advance, at 7am, for a full month of reservations, and every campsite is sold out by 7:02! INSANE, I know!

April is turning out to be a very busy but awesome month. As of right now, my plans for April include Yosemite, Coachella, and the Phillies four-game series in San Diego. I'm sure I will try and pack a few more things into the month before April begins.