Not Hawaii...

These photo's are not from Hawaii but as I write this I am sitting by the hotel pool watching the sunset in Waikiki...

I apolgize for not posting any photos for the past week but I've been busy with work and getting ready for this great vacation I'm on with Laura. We've been here for a day now and WOW it's beautiful. We are in Waikiki right now, will be heading to North Shore on Wednesday and fly back to San Diego on Saturday. 

There is no wifi in the room so my posts will be small over the next few days. I will try to make some time between snorkeling and laying on the beach to sit at our hotel pool and make a few more posts throughout the week :P 

Here are a few photos that I edited on the flight over. The first two are from Scripps Pier and the second is from Poway Lake


- I really like the two tones in the sky that are seperated by the pier in the first photo... that was not intentional, but after some processing I think it turned out quite nice.