Photo Drought

So the past two weeks have been pretty slow on the photo front for me. Not sure why, but I just haven't had my camera in my hand as much as I would have liked. With an eventful April coming up I'm sure I will have new photos every night of the month, which will make up for this slow end to March. I could blame work or the weather for not having my camera turned on, but I won't bother doing that and will just blame myself. 

A few weeks ago, a client at my  office said she looks forward to coming in and looking at my pictures. She said, "It brightens her day and inspires her." I, of course, said thank you and went along with my day, but kept thinking how she said my photos inspired her. Really? That could be the greatest compliment I have ever received! So, for the past few weeks I've been wondering to myself, "What photos inspire me?"

Since there hasn't been any photos to post, I figured I would share with everyone some of the sites that have given me inspiration over the past few years. There's a mix of landscape and wedding photography below. The first site is a daily visit for me. It is a great place to go for anything that has to do with photography, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Without them knowing it, these photographers push me to continue to take pictures and constantly try new styles of photography. Maybe some of these sites will inspire you as well.