Timing is everything

Whether it's waiting until the sun goes down, the last out of the baseball game even if the other team is up ten runs, or even staying until the credits stop rolling at the movie I always stay until the very end. Well tonight was no different... at least I thought that.

After work I headed over to Ocean Beach for some sunset photos at the cliffs. I continued taken photos of the less than spectacular sunset until after the sun was gone and then I started packing up, just like any other time I'm out shooting. So I pack up, walk the two blocks to my car, and put away my gear. I look up and there's an amazing pink hue covering the sky. I guess my timing was off by just five minutes... 

Lately it's been eyes being shut, a car passing by, unwanted birds in the sky, or the mistiming of a sunset, but bad timing seems to be happening to me more often than I'd like. Anyone else been having this problem lately? 

This is the photo I took on my cell of the sky lit up...

and here are two pictures taken a few minutes earlier


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