Some more Hawaii

Just a quick warning that you should expect a new post every day for the next week and for that post to be filled with palm trees (I swear they are all different palm trees!) and different beaches we visited. The first photo is from the Paradise Cove Luau we went to. I actually got up on stage and "learned" to hula. Big quotations on the learned. Actually, the second photo is from the Luau as well. Paradise Cove was a great experience and it was recommend to us by a lot of different people that said this was the best Luau on Oahu. It's the only Luau I have ever seen so it was pretty good in my books... Enjoy!



-The show Cougar Town was being filmed outside our "beach cottage" when we got to Turtle Bay, so I decided to set-up shop in my hammock and be a creepy tourist for the rest of the day. P.S. It's only been a few weeks but I'm getting close to a thousand views on my site, but I have only ever had one comment... let me know what you think of my site, posts and/or photos and don't worry I won't get angry if it's mean or negative :P I love constructive criticism!

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