The Coachella Experience

I could ramble on and on about how great Coachella was, bore you with the awesome stories, and put you through reading past my horrible grammar, but I won't do that. Instead I'll just do bullet points about some highlights and such. Oh, also some pictures!

  • Just go! Do it! You know you want to!
  • I was lobbying to camp but was overruled by Laura & my friends and put into a hotel... I love them for this! Waking up with a great breakfast, spending my mornings at the pool, then heading over to the festival in the afternoon on a shuttle was great... especially in 100 degree heat. I love camping and some may say camping is part of the festival, that was my thought, but screw that because the hotel rocked.
  • Free water!
  • There's music for everyone: Rock, Rap, House, 80's aerobic sounding Euro music (which rocked!), it's all there... I even heard a nice jazz set from the great Jeff Goldblum.
  • Yes, that Jeff Goldblum. Thank you twitter for this one! Funny or Die put on an impromptu jazz set, starring Jeff Goldblum on piano, in the camping area on Saturday. There was maybe twenty people around for the whole sixty-minute set. In-between songs we all played the movie/actor game... He was really damn good at it. He even had people from the crowd come up and sing some songs. It rocked and he was pretty hilarious.
  • I spent three days under the desert sun and left Monday morning without getting sunburned! I'm really proud of myself for this one,
  • Being there made me realize how big this thing is. It's a worldwide event and that adds so much to the experience. I meat numerous people from Canada, England, Australia, Asia, Mexico, and some other countries that I just couldn't figure out where the accent was from. 
  • You have to watch out for (stupid?) people with hula-hoops. I really can't stand that girl who hit me in the face with hers. I really wish I could have thrown that thing to an area she couldn't get to... maybe next time.
  • Don't try and see every single band you want to see. I tried this on Friday and it's just not possible. Saturday and Sunday went much smoother when I just went with the flow and didn't rush around from stage-to-stage every half hour. Enjoy each set and maybe you will find some new music... I sure did.
  • I really enjoyed every part of this festival. 
  • The whole festival was surprisingly organized.
  • Leaving at 1/2am every night was weird/funny because they had floodlights shining on the dirt paths back to the parking lot. With everyone leaving it looked like a scene from Children of Men or some zombie flick.
  • Celebrities were around all weekend and Laura "paparazzi" Hughes was all over this. From Hilary Duff, Rihanna, David Hasselhoff, cast of Always Sunny, Chapelle, Usher, Paris Hilton, Eric from Tim & Eric, and Shaun White, Laura had her camera ready.
  • Every person I talked to was extremely nice... Especially the time when I lost my sunglasses in the middle of a crowd, during Mumford & Sons. After I noticed that I lost them, I walked around in the dark, with a phone light, looking on the ground for my glasses. Couldn't find them anywhere! About an hour later a girl taps me on my shoulder and hands me my glasses!!! I just couldn't believe that this girl went looking for me, just to give me back my sunglasses. It just really blew my mind how nice she was to do this. 
  • I won't name my favorite set or anything, I just enjoyed every second I was there.

I'm know I'm missing a lot of other details about the weekend. I could probably right a novel about everything I saw.

Well here are some photos taken throughout Coachella. These were all taken with a Canon p&s and an Iphone since I did not bring my dslr with me. Enjoy!

This last one is Lauras work. Like I said earlier, Laura was the paparazzi queen this weekend. She's so grand. Can you name all the celebs that she captured?