My favorite playground

It's tough to hike in Yosemite because every turn you take, takes your breath away.

Now I've yet to travel outside of North America but I find it hard to believe that could be a park in this world that is more beautiful than Yosemite. The whole place is simply stunning. Every time I visit I tell myself that I am going to photograph something different, but when I get home and look at the photos I've taken they are always of the same views! I just can't help it if I have a few hundred photos of Yosemite falls, El Cap, Tunnel View and Half-Dome... I just can't get enough images of them all. it's all just mesmerizing and my mind becomes a blur every time I turn the corner, traveling on the 41, that gives me that first peek at the valley. 

This trip was different though for me and very special. Ever since Laura and I decided to pack up and move to California, I've been thinking about the day I would finally get the chance to show her Yosemite. This little thought of mine finally happened last Thursday when we packed the car and headed into the Sierras for a long weekend camping trip. I've been there with friends and by myself before but being there with her was just different.

There are a lot of photos to go through but here are a few that caught my eye while sorting everything. I decided to experiment and do a little more post-processing than I normally would on some of the images. I'm kind of on the fence about it and will probably just post the originals in a day or two. Let me know what you think and enjoy!