I love it... Baseball that is. It's the greatest game ever created. From the home runs, to the perfect game, to my favorite thing... the double steal, there's nothing more entertaining to me than baseball. I could watch/listen to baseball everyday, and during the season I do. The month of March for me is dedicated to watching as many baseball movies as possible. As I write this I'm watching Ken Burns documentary about baseball called 'Ken Burns: Baseball." If you are a baseball stat nut, like myself, twitter is your best friend during the season because all the beat-writes and stat-geeks fill your stream with stats, that a lot of the time you have no idea why are even kept in the first place. 

Living in San Diego right now, it's tough for me to watch Phillies games but fortunately for technology there's these neat little programs called apps. MLB At-Bat is by far my favorite app on my phone and I am able to listen to a majority of the 162 Phillies games played in a season bescause of it. Yes, I could get but the Phils games are usually in the 8th inning by the time I get home, so spending the $120 on a program I would rarely get a chance to use just doesn't make much sense. 

Walk around Philadelphia and ask anyone what they were doing on October 29th, 2008 and they will probably tell you their story about how they witnessed the Phillies win the World Series. I was downtown, just a few blocks from broad street with a group of friends, just waiting for Brad Lidge to record the third out so we could all run out the door and and join in the celebration with thousands of other fans on Broad.

I posted these photos around the same time last year, but with baseball season just beginning, I can't help but post them again since they are a reminder of one of the greatest experiences of my life. I also wish I could take credit for the first photo but I really can't do that, even though it was on my camera the next morning. My good friend Jon took this photo with my camera while I was down on the street, on top of a phone booth, too busy banging on a street sign, with my camera bag filled with empty beer cans.